EMPOWERED provides a variety of tools to build the foundation for your best life

Whether you're looking for a personal trainer to greet you at your door, a coach to give you guidance and accountability remotely, or customized fitness content for your brand – EMPOWERED has got you covered. We are passionate about designing programs that are specific to you and your lifestyle, creating a simple and effective game plan for your success.

Personal Training

Live in Los Angeles? We'd love to work with you to design a personalized workout program that matches your schedule, interests, fitness level, and goals. We are your coach and motivator - giving you the practical tools you need to build a healthy lifestyle (that you actually enjoy). You'll feel stronger, more confident, and ready to kick ass in no time.

Remote Coaching

You can now be EMPOWERED anywhere in the world through our remote coaching program. We use fitness as the foundation to your best life, helping you build sustainable healthy habits one week at a time. It's a customized approach that's both practical and tons of fun. The result? You'll be living a life you love in a body you're proud of.

Corporate Wellness + Fitness Consulting

Whether you're looking for an in-office wellness challenge, a team building group fitness event, or the advice of a fitness professional on set, we'd love to bring our expertise to your community. We've worked with top brands to design unique content, assist behind the scenes, and help make you look good.