This week's EMPOWERED WOW (Workout of the Week) is all about CIRCUITS!

This 20 minute bodyweight workout includes both strength & cardio for a full body challenge. No equipment needed, just a timer and some fire to kick ass. Let's go!

Circuit #1 - 30 seconds each (no rest in between exercises), 2x through

Air squat: Standing feet shoulder width apart, send your hips back and bend the knees like you’re sitting in a chair. Keep your core engaged and chest lifted, then drive through the heels to activate your glutes and stand tall

Speed skater: Leap laterally onto the left leg, while reaching for the ground with the right hand. Repeat on the opposite side, jumping as far as you can

Split lungeStarting with feet together, jump into a lunge position, making sure the front knee does not go over the toe. Jump back to start position, and jump into a lunge on opposite leg. Challenge: switch legs in the air without stopping in the middle

Push up + plank jack: Complete one push up. Once back in high plank position, jump feet apart and back together. Repeat. Challenge: complete the push up while jumping the feet apart

Plank row: In high plank position, alternate rows with each arm. Engage your core and glutes, keeping the hips as still as possible

1 minute water break!

Circuit #2 - 45 seconds each (no rest in between exercises), 2x through

Alternate curtsy lunge: Start with feet shoulder width apart. Cross the right leg behind the left at a diagonal, bending both knees to 90 degrees. Return to start position and repeat on other side

Inch worm + side reach (T Plank): Walk hands out to a high plank position. Reach one arm up to the ceiling to make a T, and then repeat with the other arm. Walk feet forward to hands, and repeat. Challenge: add a push up

Forearm plank spiderman: In forearm plank position, bring one leg up towards the side of the body with a bent knee. Repeat on other side

Side step squat: Start with feet together, step into a squat to one side. Return to the start position, and repeat the squat to the other side. Challenge: speed up the movement and explode out of the squat

Crab kick: Start in a crab position on your hands and feet with hips lifted. Complete a tricep dip followed by raising your left leg in the air and reaching your right hand towards it. Return to crab position, and repeat on the opposite side

Scissor kick: Lay on your back with hands behind the head, shoulders lifted off the ground, and core engaged. Bring one leg straight up and the other leg a few inches above the ground. Slowly switch the position of the legs

1 minute water break!

Circuit #3 - 30 seconds each (no rest in between exercises) 2x through.

Alternate forward kick: Standing with hands in fists close to the body in a fighter stance. Kick one leg out in front, extending through the heel. Return to start position and kick with the other leg. Challenge: jump as you alternate legs

Wide squat pulse: In a wide squat position, press out on the knees as you pulse up and down with the arms above the head. Keep the core tight and back straight

Plank up: Start in a high plank position. Put one elbow on the ground, followed by the other. Do the same back up into the high plank position.  Make sure your shoulders are directly over your elbows the whole time

Swimmers: Laying on your stomach with arms out in front, raise one arm up while raising the opposite leg. Repeat, alternating limbs and keep your neck in a neutral position

Congrats - you did it!