We’ve teamed up with our Mom Fitness Expert Mauree Brooksher, owner of Baby Boot Camp Baton Rouge, to create an outdoor workout you can do with your little one! Mauree, who has 3 young kids, knows firsthand that it can be challenging to find time by yourself to workout so she’s combined a workout with play time. All you need is a stroller, a park bench or ledge, and of course your child!

The Workout

Begin with a 3-5 minute brisk walk or light jog pushing your stroller. Then complete EACH CIRCUIT TWO TIMES through.

Circuit #1: 20 repetitions of each exercise

1) Traveling lunges + Leg lift
Lunge forward (pushing a stroller if you have one) and then raise the leg behind you as you stand. Make sure to squeeze the glute at the top! Step forward with the other leg, and continue traveling forward for 20 lunges total.


2) Stroller toe taps (or high knees in place)
Alternate hopping from foot to foot while tapping the bottom of the stroller with the foot that is in the air. If you are not using a stroller, complete high knees in place!


3) Peek a boo squat jump
In a wide stance, sit hips back and reach for the ground while keeping chest lifted. Push through the heels and extend legs to jump off the ground and reach for the sky. Land with bent knees and repeat by going into another squat.


4) Tricep Dips
Start with palms on bench (or ledge) with arms extended and legs straight out in front and heels on the ground. Bend the elbows away from the body, keeping the chest lifted, and push through the palms to extend them again. (Option: elevate feet on stroller and complete the same movement)


Circuit #2: 15 repetitions of each exercise

1) Squats 
Holding your baby at chest level, sit hips back and keep the chest lifted. Push through the heels to stand up, and repeat movement. You can even sing your child’s favorite song to add a little cardio!


2) Decline Push ups
Start in high plank position with toes on the bench and baby lying below your head. Bend elbows to complete a push up and give your little one a kiss!


3) Bench bridges
Start with feet on bench and holding baby on your stomach. Press hips up to the sky and squeeze your glutes, keeping a tight core and flat back. Lower your hips to the ground and repeat. 


4) Table top Lower & Lift
Start with your back on the ground, knees bent, and holding baby on your shins. Lower your feet to tap your heels to the ground, keeping core engaged. Then return back to 90 degrees.