This week's EMPOWERED WOW (Workout of the Week) is full body strength & cardio utilizing just one dumbbell!

Choose one dumbbell that is moderately heavy (15lbs and greater). You'll use the same weight for both upper body and lower body exercises. Let's do it!

GOAL: Complete 2 rounds of each circuit. Want a challenge? Go for 3 rounds!


20 Squat to curtsy lunge (10 each side) 

20 Bent over rows (10 each side)

20 Jumping wood chops

20 Single arm chest press (10 each side)

20 Flutter kicks

Repeat the above movements for a 2nd round, then REST 1 minute before moving onto Circuit 2 below!


20 Single leg deadlifts (10 each leg)

20 standing chops (low to high, 10 each side)

20 Alternating snatch

20 Russian Twist

20 Seated Press (10 each side)

Repeat the above movements for a 2nd round, then you're done!

Exercise Guide / How To

Squat to curtsy lunge: Hold the dumbbell close to the chest. Do one air squat, then cross the right leg behind the left at a diagonal, bending both knees to 90 degrees for the curtsy lunge. Return to start position, do another air squat, and repeat on other side. Complete 20 total, alternating each time.

Bent over row: Start in a lunge position with the front leg bent and elbow resting on the knee. Hold the dumbbell with one hand (opposite the front foot). Keeping a straight back and neutral neck, drive the elbow past the torso. Complete 10 rows on each side.

Jumping wood chops: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and hands in front of you holding one dumbbell. Keeping arms straight, jump feet apart to a sumo squat, hinging forward as the dumbbell swings between the legs. Jump feet back together as you drive the weight overhead, keeping the core engaged and ending with your biceps by your ears. Complete 20 reps total.

Single arm chest press: Lie with back on the ground in a glute bridge position (feet flat on floor with bent knees, hips press up and glutes engaged). Start with arm bent at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Press dumbbell towards the ceiling, and back down to the floor. Complete 10 reps each side.

Flutter kick: Lie with back on the ground and hold the dumbbell above the chest. Lift the shoulders off the ground to engage the core. Alternate kicking the legs in an up and down movement (keeping them as straight as possible), counting right and left as one rep. Complete 20 reps total.

Single leg deadlift: Stand on one leg and hold the dumbbell in the opposite side arm. Keeping a slight bend in the standing leg, hinge at the hips and reach the chest forward until your back is parallel to the floor. Slowly return back to standing. Complete 10 on each side.

Diagonal chop: Stand with feet hip width apart, and hold the dumbbell with two hands. Bend the knees slightly with the dumbbell on the outside of one hip. With bent elbows, guide the dumbbell across the body in a powerful upward chop ending above the opposite shoulder. Return to start position. Complete 10 on each side.

Alternating snatch: Begin in a sumo squat position with a flat back, placing the dumbbell in between your arches. Drive through your heels in an explosive movement as the elbow leads and the arm unfolds to a full extension overhead (biceps by the ear). Reverse the movement, keeping the dumbbell close to the body and return to the sumo squat position to change hands. Complete 20 reps total, alternating hands each time.

Russian twist: In a seated position, hinge back and lift the legs off the ground with bent knees. Hold dumbbell close to your chest and keep your back straight. Twist your torso to the left, and then reverse the motion, twisting to the right. Complete 20 reps total, counting left and right as one rep.

Seated press: In a seated position, extend legs out in front of the body. Hold the edges of the dumbbell with two hands and extend the arms above head, biceps to the ears. Make sure to keep a straight back while you press. Complete 20 reps.